Pipeline Services

Ursa Pipeline Inspection:

Keeping You Clued in Through Every Bend and Turn.

Pipeline inspection can mean the difference between business as usual for your oil and gas operations — and unforeseen pipe damage that leads to injury and costly pay-outs. And with today’s tense oil and gas climate, added security makes a difference. HSPS’ Ursa pipeline integrity technology combines temperature, sound and pressure measurements for in-line inspection aimed at extending your pipelines’ lifetime and keeping them operating both safely and efficiently.

Engineered to maneuver easily through sharp angles and tight spaces, Ursa scopes out oil pipeline corrosion, cracks, clogs and other potentially dangerous issues, transmitting findings and images in near real-time. Our team’s extensive experience in pipeline inspection, including magnetic flux leakage, eddy current and ultrasound technology, means you can trust that no anomaly will go unnoticed. In addition, with an average of 90 minutes of downtime during Ursa’s inspection process, we’re in and out in no time, so your team can get back to work. Whether your company is on the search for high-tech pipeline mapping services or you simply want to spot issues before they become costly problems, Ursa is here to help.

Pipeline Integrity Testing and Analysis to Protect Your Oil and Gas Assets

  • Temperature, Sound & Pressure Measurement
  • Pipe Width Measurement
  • Crack Management
  • Maneuverability Through Bends & Turns
  • Pipeline Geometry & Mapping
  • Clog & Corrosion Detection
  • Mid-Inspection Image Capture


    Pipeline Erosion, Integrity & Leak Detection

    Ursa allows you to assure flow and identify pipeline defect issues that threaten your pipelines’ ability to deliver asset. Caliper capability allows for inner wall erosion analysis, while an odometer aids in defect location identification. In addition, the system helps you remain compliant with DOT regulations.

    Data Collection & Management

    Ursa uses sensor fusion technology to identify defects, collecting five different sets of data — including images — during its in-line inspection. The system requires minimal interruption to daily operations to launch and receive the device.

    Adaptability with Existing Infrastructure

    Ursa’s compact design is suitable for use with pipelines from 8″ to 26″ in diameter, and the technology is compatible with most pig launchers.

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