HSPS is excited to announce that we are headed to the 2019 Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference in Houston, Texas! We invite all of our friends in oil and gas to stop by and see us at Booth #751 for an in-depth look at Ursa, our new in-line inspection and pipeline integrity technology. Can’t wait until then to learn what Ursa is — and how it could help you? Read on for a quick overview.

What is Ursa?

Ursa is pipeline integrity testing and analysis technology that gives oil and gas professionals an in-depth look at pipeline health, and helps pinpoint potential issues before they become costly — potentially dangerous — problems. With help from sensor fusion technology which measures temperature, sound, pressure and pipe width, Ursa evaluates your pipelines in about 90 minutes, transmitting findings in near real-time.

What Benefits Does Ursa Offer?

Ursa’s industry-leading technology not only detects clogs, corrosion and cracks that could lead to economic loss and environmental impacts, but it aids in pipeline geometry and mapping, too. That means your company can rest assured you’re operating safely and in compliance with DOT regulations.

Will Ursa Work with My Pipelines?

While some evaluation is necessary before we can give a definitive answer, the answer is probably yes! Ursa is capable of maneuvering through tight spaces, as well as sharp bends and curves. In fact, it is compatible with most pig launchers.

Of course, there’s a lot more to Ursa than can fit in one blog post. We hope you’ll stop by to see us at the conference to learn more. While you’re at our booth, be sure to pick up a brochure and some HSPS swag! The 2019 Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference spans February 20 – 22 at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center. For more information, visit