The Inventory Process


Your Pipeline’s Integrity


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Tools and Services to Keep Your
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From Corrosion Control to PVF Pipe

From lackluster corrosion control to low PVF pipe inventory, countless obstacles can plague your work. And those obstacles can have costly — sometimes life-threatening — consequences. With more than 130 years of combined sales experience, and in-house inspection and quality assurance/quality control you can trust, HSPS is here to help.

Our Parts and Supplies division offers a full range of PVF supplies from well-known manufacturers, keeping you stocked and ready for the road ahead. Meanwhile, our Pipeline Services division’s fine-tuned integrity services system, Ursa, keeps you informed with in-depth information in near real-time. HSPS is moving the line through every stage of your work.


the Parts You Need

Pipe, valves and fittings for a range
of industries — delivered on your schedule.


for Pipeline Strength

High-tech analysis to pinpoint leaks, corrosion and breaks — and keep trouble at bay.